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Our Business Consulting professionals are experts in Transition and Succession Planning, Business Valuations, Preparing Your Business for Sale, and Tax Advisory Solutions. They can discuss your needs, examine alternatives and provide customized solutions helping you create value.

Transition Planning

Ben Wiebe, Glen Budd & Greg Smith

Since growing your business has been your main priority over the years, it is hard to think about letting go and allowing someone else to take over.

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Business Valuations

Ben Wiebe & Nadine Dyck

It is important for all small business owners to plan how they will exit their business from the start of owning it.  As you build your business ensure you are always focused on building it to be valuable and sellable. Your long term plan should not only be based on maximizing annual profit, but also planning a successful exit.



business consulting

Nadine Dyck

Small business owners often struggle to find the tools to assess if their business is operating at its greatest capabilities.  At all stages of the life of a business time needs to be scheduled to complete strategic planning.  We offer a complimentary service that is an excellent starting point to identify areas that need to be strengthened.  The first step is to take the 13 minute Value Builder survey on our website.  We will then forward to you a detailed report that scores your business in eight key areas to give you direction in areas you can focus on improving.    

Our experience has shown the survey to be most beneficial for business owners excluding craftspeople operating without employees, farmers, and ranchers.



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