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Land Lease Survey Results

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture contracted Insightrix Research Inc. to conduct land lease survey to assist in making estimations of rental tares for agricultural land and pastureland in Saskatchewan.

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2016 FCC Farm Value Report

Average farmland values in Canada continued to climb in 2016, but lost steam in most provinces, according to Farm Credit Canada’s (FCC) latest Farmland Values Report.

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How Do the PST Changes Impact Us?

Effective April 1, 2017, the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) applies to services to real property. Taxable services include construction, alteration, repair, erection, remodeling, improvement, or any other service in relation to real property or a building or other structure on real property, whereby the value or use of the real property is improved.

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What You Need to Know about the Principle Residence Exemption (PRE)

CRA is looking for people taking advantage of the PRE rules in order to avoid paying tax.

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Federal & Provincial Budget Commentary 2017

Details surrounding the Federal & Provincial Budget are now available. There have been significant GST & PST changes that will have an impact on small business and others.

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Tax Considerations for Farm Transitioning

Local tax expert and specialist with Stark & Marsh CPA LLP, Bill Wiebe, provides real-life scenarios and examples related to transitioning the farm and the tax considerations associated with the transition.

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RRSP'S - A Great Tool for All Levels of Income

The Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) is a great tool for all levels of income. It is designed to encourage individuals to save for their retirement by providing them with a tax break upon investment.

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Business Incorporation

What does Incorporation mean? Why Incorporate? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

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Purification of Corporations

A successful business corporation can generate a healthy amount of excess cash or investments that accumulates over time. Cleaning up the balance sheet of a family business corporation so that you can sell the shares of the business without paying any taxes is important.

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Income Tax Planning Opportunities

If you are considering a change to the structure of your business or investment holdings or wish to investigate other significant income tax planning opportunities, meeting with a CPA should be your first step.

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Partnership Before Farm Incorporation

Structuring your farm operations as a partnership of two or more individuals before incorporation can result in a significant tax benefit after incorporation. Here is how it works

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Share Freeze

A share freeze, often times referred to as an estate freeze, provides an opportunity for the transfer of the future growth in the value of the shares of a corporation to subsequent generations or key employees.

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The Benefits of a Holding Corporation

Benefits from a holding company vary and no two companies are the same. The complex process requires guidance from professionals.

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Geransky Strategy

The sale of shares combined with an asset sale are commonly referred to as a Hybrid or Geransky approach. Learn more here.

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The Role of a Settlor in a Family Trust

The complexities surrounding estates can be overwhelming and understanding your role is important. Let us help explain what you need to do and what we can do for you.

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Family Trusts

A trust can be an effective way to move taxable income out of the hands of a high-income earner and into the hands of lower-taxed family members.

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need to Know the Value of Your Business

Are you considering buying or selling a business? Knowing the value of a business has significant benefits in

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Speaker Series

Ag Outlook 2017

Feb 2017

Innovation Credit Union and Stark & Marsh CPA LLP were proud to present Ag Outlook 2017 on January 25th. Ag Outlook is a complementary day of learning for anyone involved in the agricultural industry.

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Gravelbourg Presentation

Oct 2016

Stark & Marsh CPA LLP, Anderson & Co, and TD Bank hosted a workshop Thursday October 27th 6:00pm - 9:00pm at the Lions Den in Gravelbourg.

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Income Tax Issues Facing Agriculture

Aug 2016

Grain and cattle producers have experienced rising income levels in recent years.

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